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Both our name and slogan, causing momentum, summarize our philosophy when it comes to understanding sport, business and life in general; the need to be in motion and create an increasing speed through our decisions. You have to generate a spark to start rolling, gain speed and maintain that momentum, even when the demands of the situation take center stage. You have to do things to make things happen.

Momum is the abbreviation of momentum, a term that means speed, impetus, power, and that, used in physics, expresses movement. It is symbolized by the letter p, which has become our logo and the visual representation of our DNA.

After more than 20 years of experience in this business, we have decided to take the reins of our future, creating our brand and always participating from the embryo of any product. This project is born from that need and excitement of being owners of our own course, taking the direction that we consider appropriate, enjoying the success of wise decisions and learning from mistakes.

From Momum we work in a wide range of products, some of which are already available in the market, others inmersed in manufacturing process and many being tested every day to ensure that they meet our quality requirements. Some have been developed by us in collaboration with well-known brands and others entrusted to companies without a recognized trademark, but of great worldwide prestige as manufacturers. All the products in our catalog have in common the quality that we all like to feel when pedalling.

We wish our criteria fit your needs and that we can be part of your cycling experience.

Lots of health and kms,

Eduard Aguilera