We are happy to announce the arrival of a new partner in this project. 12th Marketing is from now our distributor in Philippines. They will take care the of our representation in that country and for sure it is a great opportunity for both of us to grow our business together.

Steven Sih (left) is co-founder of the distribution company together with Jay Alvarez (right). It has been 4 months of evolving the idea of being our agents in Philippines, and now that he has started the business, Steven comments that ‘we trust Momum and we want our co-cyclist to experience this high quality brand, as it will surely suit all kinds of riders.’


‘Steven has always shown a big interest in our material since he knew of Momum, and that excitement just grew after receiving some samples to be tested by himself and some key colleagues. His determination for representing us is a clear sign that the quality and image of our products will be corresponded by a great service’, comments Eduard Aguilera, CEO of Momum.

Welcome on board and let’s cause momentum together.