‘Tiny particles for huge performace’

We are happy to announce the launch of MIC Wax Lube, a lube designed with the best raw materials and the most advanced technologies available in 2019. After a thousands of kms on training, World Cups and World Champs, MIC has landed in the market.

The MIC Wax lubricant concentrates the potential of two last generation elements: microcrystalline wax and ceramic particles of less than 3 microns.

– The microcrystalline wax confers great performance and smoothness to the treated surface.

– Our mix of waxes offers greater duration and resistance to friction and temperature.

High lubrication capacity thanks to the use of last generation ceramic particles of less than 3 microns.

– The ceramic particles are able to reach all the parts of the chain, providing stability to the formula and smoothnessto the treated area.

David Valero (MMR FRT) has been our main test rider. His 5th spot at the XCM World Champs was the most demanding test for MIC. Our lube performed as well as Valero for 4:30 hours: top consistant performance.