First test of our MIC Wax Lube in a specialized media. Results could not be better. Here you can find the most powerful sentences in the article.

‘Momum launches its MIC Wax Lube lubricant, a type of product in which, despite the youth of the brand, they have a long experience … Momum knew that they could not reach the stores with a lubricant that would just copy the current formulas and would not offer anything different …. They found a new formulation that opened the doors to improve the current products’.

‘… they managed to find a formula that uses elements never used before …’.
‘… test was handled by some of the best riders and teams on the national scene, MMR Factory Racing included.’
‘The Momum MIC Wax Lube lubricant combines the best of two elements: microcrystalline wax and ceramic particles of less than 3 microns.’
‘…it has allowed us to test it both on completely dry and dusty days and on rainy days and muddy paths.’
‘… takes all the strengths of wax-based lubricants one step further.’

‘In dry conditions it stands out for the level of cleanliness… in wet is where differences are bigger compared to other waxes, achieving a much more lasting lubrication.’
‘… the greater durability of the lubricating effect and its better performance in wet and water conditions.’
‘… a product that provides advantages over the most popular solutions…’